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Singularity Handmade

Handmade Gifts

Laura strongly believes in self expression and she expresses herself is through her art, including the jewelry she makes. She first started creating and selling jewelry when she was in middle school. Ever since then, she knew that it was her passion. Now that she is a college student, she feels fortunate to be able to sell her work to help support her education. In the future, she hopes to open her own "real" store and finally turn her dream into a reality. At the end of the day, she really just wants to create items that help others express who they are. As a cheesy reminder she says - you are one of a kind. Embrace it


Handmade Home Decor

We are Michael and Elin, the owners of Taute, based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. We unintentionally began our business with a DIY hexagon shelf project for our own home. After receiving multiple compliments on our new shelves we quickly decided to take the leap and sell our product. In September 2016, we made our first sale. We put our initial earnings towards our own tools and since then we have had the capability to further grow into more home decor and furniture categories.

360Five Designs

Modern Furniture & Home Accessories

It is our goal as a company to provide our customers with modern, functional, practical and of course stylish furniture and home decor that will last the test of time. We design, prototype, and make all of our furniture in a small shop in New Prague, MN. Our greatest passion is to enable people to outfit their lives with things they love all while having a small carbon footprint. Both characteristics give you the tools to literally "Elevate Your Environment".

Cheeky Beak Card Co

Cute, Quirky Greeting Cards

Brooke Spare is a mixed media artist, printmaker, and greeting card designer. After graduating with a painting degree from Kansas State University, she followed her lifelong affinity for snail mail and launched Cheeky Beak Card Co in 2015. Spare’s cards feature strong color schemes, bold linework, and a fresh take on life’s little oddities. They uniquely double as displayable art pieces in addition to their stationary nature, as she actively strives to find a balance between fine art and kitschy quirkiness in her work. Brooke currently resides in Minneapolis with her husband, daughter, and two pet pigeons.


Certified Aromatherapist

For me personally, essential oils have been a journey of discovery, a lifelong journey that has come full circle. While working as a chemist during the 80s I started having major reactions to the most common chemicals. I found it difficult to sit next to someone that wore perfume. Prescription, and even over the counter medications had too many consequences for me . There weren’t a lot of natural options available. So, I made my own. I have been doing so every since. I believe that what we put on our skin is just as important as what we ingest. I try to use ingredients that are safe to ingest. I think that is a good way to insure that my products continue to be all natural.

Howard Soap Company

Handmade Soaps, Candles & Beauty Products

I started making soap back in 2008. Primarily to provide safer products for myself and my family. After learning the long-term hazardous effects of chemicals on the body, I was on a mission. I quit doing hair after having my 3rd child to be a stay-at-home mom, and I dove head first into soap making. I sold a few bars here and there for fun at some events that were coordinated by friends and before I knew it I had a demand to fill. Since then, I've perfected my craft, added more products, and developed a love for making candles. All of my products are handmade with care in small batches in Minnesota. My hope is that someday one of my kids will carry on in my footsteps.

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