Q: What is Pink Bow City? 
A: Pink Bow City is a modern pin-up collaboration based in Portland, Oregon and Melbourne, Australia! We feature: pin-up clothing designers, pin-up photographers, pin-up models & pin-up artists who share our distinct feminine, yet edgy modern pin-up style.  

Q: Why did they start this website? 
A: Armed only with a love of vintage clothing and thrift shopping Pink Bow Vintage was created. Pink Bow Vintage sold one of a kind vintage pieces at affordable prices. Her passions and talents soon lead to the launch of Pink Bow City in the Spring of 2012. It quickly spiraled into success as many talented designers jumped on to join PinkBowCity.com. We now carry only new custom designs with a vintage and pin up inspired flair! 

Q: How do I submit to be featured in the magazine? 
A: If you would like to submit your photos to be featured in our magazine, please use WeTransfer to upload & send us your photos! Simply click "add files" to upload your most recent professional pin-up photos, where it says "message" include the photo credits, then enter our email address where it says "Friend's email" (pinkbowcity@gmail.com) & click transfer. 

*If you do not have professional photos, you can still participate in our monthly Pink Bow City Magazine Contest for a chance to be featured in our magazine! Click HERE for more information.

Q: How do I ask questions, become a designer, or submit my ideas & suggestions?
A: We would love to hear your feedback! Send your thoughts, frustrations, inquiries, fan art, résumé, etc. to:
PinkBowCity@gmail.com and you will be responded to promptly.