Pink Bow City

Issue #14 with Mikaela Von Merr



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Pink Bow City Magazine Issue 14-2014

Cover Model: Mikaila Von Merr

Cover Photographer: Audrey Simper Photography

What's Inside: An exclusive interview with our emerging pinup cover star, Mikaila Von Merr. This issue has the MOST pinup articles ever, including: A 60's Hair & Makeup Tutorial by Greyline Creative & Bouffants and Beehives, "How To Get Started As A Pinup Model" by Diablo Rose, "A Beginners Guide & Learning To Create Your Own Lucite Jewelry" by Frances Wolff, "Self Love and Reshaping Society’s Beauty Standards" by Samantha Sweets, "How To Start A Retro Wardrobe" by Maddi Harris, "Keep A Breast Event at Ink N Iron" by Susana Andrea of Vestige Photography, A Summer S'mores Recipe by Buttercream Bettie, & more! 

Featured Models: Winny Queen, Mikaila Von Merr, Kelly Eden, Olivia Dantes, Rivi Madison, Lady Medusa, Angelique Noire aka "The Black Pinup", Melanie Monsters, Stephanie Castro, Marlo Walker, & more!  

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