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  • Behind the Scenes of the "Bows in Bubbles" & "Smoke bombs in a Frozen Waterfall Cave" Photoshoot

    Photographer for this shoot: Katie Essick

    We started the day off with our model Kenzie Delalley in our "Bows in Bubbles" shoot. We filled up the bath to the brim with bubbles we made from dish soap & set pink silk bows on top of the bubbles for a whimsical ultra girly effect. We then had Katie's friend assist in blowing bubbles in the tub with a bubble wand. We think it turned out cute, comment on this post & let us know what you think! 


    We then made Kenzie leave the warm tub to trek out into the cold to Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis, MN. The falls were frozen so we hiked up a steep heal to shoot from behind the frozen waterfall in the cave. It was scary & we didn't want to get dirty, but with the help of some nice boys (who probably didn't mind helping out a couple of cute girls) we finally made it up to the cave. We then set off blue, purple, pink, yellow & white smoke bombs inside of the cave for this dramatic effect:



    Me fixing Kenzie's Hair:

    Be careful, the ice was so slippery in heels!

    The frozen waterfall, so pretty! :


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