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  • How-to transition your pin-up wardrobe from Summer to Fall - by: Cherry Colista

    With Fall already here and cold weather to follow, I am eager to give you readers some tips on how to transition your wardrobe from Summer to Fall and Winter. With these essentials you should have no problem keeping warm and still looking amazing this season! During Summer we all enjoy wearing cute and flirty dresses. Although it's it's going to be colder outside, you can still rock this look by just mixing up the cuts and fabrics of your dresses. Floral, large polka dots, gingham and tropical prints should be put away until Spring. Fall fabrics include, but are not limited to: Houndstooth, plaid, solid colors (purple, green, brown, mustard, orange, maroon and navy blue), different variations of animal print, lace and smaller polka dots. When shopping for Fall/Winter dresses, always remember to keep them longer in length then you would during Summer. When it comes to the cut of a dress, instead of halter try a full coverage top, or a sleeved top. Jeans are a major necessity for colder weather too. High-waisted jeans are a must, but you can always pull off a pin-up look with low-rise jeans too; you just need the right touch. The best type of jeans for the look are straight leg with a dark wash. Depending on your body type you can also get legging jeans, or loose straight leg cuts. Note: if you get legging jeans you wont be able to cuff them at the bottom, which is my favorite way to add a pin-up look to any jeans. 

    To complete your pin-up look with jeans, try a cute cardigan. A lot of companies try to charge top dollar for pin up cardigans. Although they are super cute, you can make one just as adorable for half the cost! First, you will need to buy a plain cardigan. It does not matter where you buy it from. I tend to buy mine at Target, because they're the cheapest price for the highest quality. Next, it's time to get creative! Craft stores sell iron-appliques in a wide variety of styles; these are the easiest way to customize your cardigan. You can apply a cute cherry, cupcake, or even a pink bow! Depending on your skill level, you could even embellish the collar with studs and pearls, or add different buttons. Once completed, you just took a normal cardigan and turned it into your own super cute pin-up creation!


    Just like your clothing , your shoes should be different for Fall. Lower, closed toe heels are more appropriate then sky high heels. Wedges and sandals should be put away, with boots and mary jane shoes taking their place. The reason you want to change your shoes during Fall is simply due to weather. You would not want to be caught outside in a thunderstorm in sandals, or slip in high heels. Think practical! Pin-up hairstyles for Fall are generally the same as Summer: Victory rolls, Bettie bangs & curls. Rain is always a consideration, so I personally think up-do's are best for Fall. My favorite up-do is a gibson tuck (pictured below). It is very easy style for beginners and it keeps your hair out of the way while wearing a coat or scarf. A tutorial for how to create this hair style can be seen by clicking HERE. Hats are also a great choice during the colder weather and there are so many fabulous vintage hats to choose from!


    For fall pin-up makeup, I like to use more dark, rich colors of lipsticks. My top 5 lipstick picks that I will be wearing this fall are: 1) L'Oreal colour riche in everbloom $9, 2) M.A.C hangup $15, 3) Sephora rouge shine in heartbreaker $12, 4) LimeCrime in glamour101 $16, 5) E.L.F lipstick in Sangria $2 


    Fall is a wonderful season filled with bold colors and fabulous prints.

    I hope these tips help you transform your look & enjoy your holiday season!



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